In 2010 Abbi worked for an NGO in Rio de Janeiro's largest favela, Rocinha. She then flew into the Colombian Amazon to photograph wildlife & indigenous tribes for the recent Whitley Award winner - Entropika; with the trip extending through to Colombia, Peru, Bolivia & Argentina. 

Since then she's travelled to the French Alps, wandered through the streets of Spain, Cuba, Italy & Morocco, driven 5000km from Cape Town to Angola and suffered heat stroke & altitude sickness in India. Her most recent trip was to the Southern Omo Valley, Ethiopia, where Abbi spent time photographing the various tribes and Bull Jumping ceremonies. 

She has written & photographed for Suitcase Magazine, Black Tomato, PINCH Magazine, L'Officiel Arabia, Harper's Bazaar Arabia, Australian House & Garden and Quintessentially Travel. Her work has also been featured in The Sunday Times, Vogue Italia, Maria Claire Arabia, Majestic Disorder, Urban Outfitters & The Guardian. 

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